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We had Vince repair a serious leak in our home. Vince and his crew were extremely professional. Our repair required the opening of walls, detailed plumbing and roofing. From the beginning to the end, the job was performed with true professionalism. Vince made certain that every detail  was met. Each day, at the end of the work, my home was left broom swept and as clean as they found it in the morning.
I would highly recommend Rinaldi Construction to everyone.

Mark B. (San Francisco, CA)

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Vince and his guys are top notch carpenters.   Their work is professional, clean and done on time.  Not the cheapest, not the most expensive but just what you need to get the job done right.  I had Vince Rinaldi’s guys replace a sliding glass door and all the tiles on a back porch. The door and deck look brand new and done very well.  His guys are in their working 100% as soon as they enter your house, and they won’t leave until they are done which includes weekends.

Dave L. (San Francisco, CA)

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I have so far overseen two major construction jobs at our 6-unit TIC building ($30,000 – $50,000 each) using Rinaldi Construction, and each experience was as good as I could have hoped for.  Vince is a friendly, highly knowledgeable contractor who will review what you need, explain everything, and keep you apprised of any of the various situations that can and often do arise through the course of a project.  His pricing is extremely fair, and he will do whatever he can to help minimize costs and give you the various options available to you.  With as daunting and time-intensive as any construction project can be, I can’t recommend Rinaldi Construction highly enough for their quality of work, customer service, and pricing.

Ryan B. (San Francisco, CA)

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Vince and his crew are top notch.  They communicate well, give accurate budgets, and manage expectations well.  They did a complete remodel for us, and we had a fairly incomplete design/plan, and they pulled off a total win.  It’s now 3 years later and we continue to refer and work with Vince.  Strong recommendation.

Jeremy T. (San Francisco, CA)


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